April 17, 2024

measures (cover your mouth with a wet towel and quickly escape

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measures (cover your mouth with a wet towel and quickly escape

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A sound of alarm sounded around the Runchen Xinyuan Kindergarten. According to the evacuation route of the emergency plan, the teachers of each class quickly led the children to pick up wet towels, cover their mouths and noses, and bend over for a quick walk. After 2 minutes, all the children in the school were evacuated to a safe place– the playground in front of the kindergarten. The teachers of each class immediately counted and reported the number of children in the class.

Then scrub the towel so that the towel is no longer sticky and white at the same time. It can also achieve a good odor removal effect, and has the effect of preventing the growth of bacteria.

Real safety education is not enough to teach all kinds of safety knowledge, it should be a comprehensive education of knowledge and practicality. In addition to letting young children know some necessary safety knowledge, they can also be guided to carry out some drills. For example: launch “what if there is a fire?” Through watching images and pictures, young children can carry out some self-rescue exercises after understanding the use and harm of fire. How to dial 119, tell your location and fire situation, practice and learn simple emergency measures (cover your mouth with a wet towel and quickly escape from the fire scene), etc., so that children know the knowledge of safe self-rescue and escape, and learn to protect themselves.

“the quality and grade of products are constantly improving. at present, the rate of first-class products has reached more than 97%, and the fluffiness, softness and color fastness of products have been greatly improved.” Wang Yanfa, director of the first towel factory, said. While ensuring production, the first towel factory actively promotes deepening contracting, strengthening assessment, and continuous lean innovation, proposing more than 200 new lean production projects in the past year. Reform and innovation are carried out from process improvement, process optimization, application of new materials, replacement of imported parts, etc., to reduce costs and maximize profits. Through the implementation of this series of measures, the comprehensive production cost in 2020 decreased by 2.04 yuan / kg compared with the same period last year.

Sometimes, the prime minister has a fever in the course of his work, and his body is really unbearable. Other comrades have advised the prime minister to rest and recuperate. The prime minister, however, persisted in his work and could not hold on any longer, so he found a towel to put on his face for a simple rest and continued to work. In the eyes of the people around him, the prime minister has no life of his own, only the word “work”.

measures (cover your mouth with a wet towel and quickly escape