April 16, 2024

quickly take off their small towel s, cover their mouths

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quickly take off their small towel s, cover their mouths

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With the sound of the emergency alarm, the drill began. According to the evacuation route of the fire plan, the teachers of each class quickly led the children to pick up wet towels, cover their mouths and noses, stoop and walk quickly, and go downstairs quickly and in an orderly manner in two stairs. Under the guidance of the teachers, the children evacuated calmly, orderly and quickly without any accident on the way.

During the stay-at-home period, the room should be kept clean, windows should be opened frequently and ventilation should be done frequently. Family members do not share towels, keep home and tableware clean, and dry clothes and quilts frequently. Do not spit everywhere, oral and nasal secretions are wrapped in paper towels and discarded in dustbins with covers. Take the initiative to monitor the health of individuals and family members. In addition, families should prepare commonly used materials, such as home thermometers, disposable masks, household disinfection supplies, and so on.

1. Florets cut from paste and yellow handmade paper, yellow wrinkled paper, crayons, wet towels, music tapes, hand puppets, primroses 2, drawing paper and some works with branches painted 3. 4, sample paintings of primroses 4, posted on cabinets for activities:

In addition, there are towels, washbasins, slippers and other personal belongings. I believe that mothers must have prepared them, and I will no longer be verbose. Important documents such as pregnancy test manuals, mobile phones, bank cards, and medical insurance cards should also be properly put away by mothers. You can use bags of different colors and affix small labels to facilitate search.

quickly take off their small towel s, cover their mouths

Before the exercise, Deputy Director Ren Meng trained all the staff on fire control knowledge, formulated a detailed exercise plan, and arranged class teachers to carry out safety education activities for young children. During the exercise, the alarm sounded, and the teachers of each class led the children to quickly take off their small towels, cover their mouths and noses after getting wet, bent down, and ran to the safe exit quickly and orderly in accordance with the prescribed route. After that, the teachers of each class maintained good order, counted the number of people, reported the evacuation situation to Ren Deputy Director in time, and the health care doctor carried out safety inspection on all the children to dredge their emotions. The evacuation exercise took 2 minutes and 40 seconds, and all children and teachers were evacuated to a safe area within an effective time. After the exercise, Ren Deputy Director organized the head teacher to make a summary on the spot.

two. Pay attention to hygiene. Keep the external genitals clean and dry every day, wash and change underwear frequently, do not share towels, pots and other supplies with others, go to public bathrooms and swimming pools as little as possible, for the sake of their own health and for the health of others. Women caused by condyloma acuminatum actively do a good job in antivirus work.

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